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Our Story

Our journey started back in 2011 when Co-Founders James and Max demonstrated our founding values of resiliency and adventure by running from Canterbury to Rome in 58 days.

With these founding traits and James and Max’s respective event management and sales background, they were able to formulate what would become Social Tree Global. 

We believe social media can drive significant organic reach, engagement and growth through methods organisations are not using effectively enough. These include the use of social media advocacy, social selling, thought leadership and social strategy to name a few.

We strive to help brands achieve their goals through our world-class agency techniques and training.

What Makes Us Different?

We understand the community that we work in, thanks to running the largest finance and pharmaceutical conferences dedicated to social media.


Our clients operate in regulated industries, including financial services and healthcare.

We have a proud reputation of delivering hundreds of social media campaigns without regulatory breaches and have the reputational confidence of dozens of the most senior executives in the world, while remaining creative in the way that we uphold engaging content.


You are living in the best possible time to build your personal and company brand on social media.

The pillars of health and wealth dominate the human journey. We love the challenge that operating in more conservative environments brings to creatives and believe that brands in finance and healthcare have great things to say but just haven’t found a way to say them well.

Our creative teams bring human stories to life on social media.

It’s time to not only inspire a new generation of regulated compliant professionals, but also to articulate ‘creative’ throughout the width of your business. It’s time to move on from the old sales, marketing and communication techniques to a new one that is modern and will thrive in this new era.


James Saward-Anderson


Maxwell Hannah

Account Director

Sean Hodges

Strategy Adivsor

Ella Nott

Ella Nott
Senior Data Manager

Zhang Yu Lu

Marketing Manager

Tom Morris

Senior Account Manager

George Henry

Senior Content Manager

Ophelia Taylor Brennen

Account Manager

Sophie Rose

Advisory Finance Director

Jeremy Kraft

Sponsorship Sales Manager

Jo Horton


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