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Account-based marketing

We all know that not everything that’s sold to businesses can be described in a couple of paragraphs on a website and then be sent out in a box on 30 day terms. There are some markets Amazon will never be able to muscle in on.

That’s because, sometimes, what you’re selling is so big, so complex, and so important to a client’s organisation that it seems that everyone who works there wants to be involved in the decision-making process.

This is the world of “enterprise sales” (or “complex sales”) and account-based marketing.

When the buyer is obsessed with risk reduction…

Selling is one of the hardest and most thankless tasks within any company. No matter what the product or service being sold, there is always a degree of buyer resistance during the sales process before the customer feels comfortable and ready to commit to order from you. Non-salespeople rarely see the hurdles that must be jumped before the customer signs on the line which is dotted.

The more mature the market, the higher the price, and the greater the impact the purchase would have on the business or organisation, the higher and tougher the walls of objections that are placed in front of your sales team.

Anyone involved in the sale of products of services like consulting, infrastructure, managed services, business software, property development, fleet vehicle sales, data analysis and management, security systems, and facility management will recognise the extra difficulties and time required in getting a deal over the line.

Each client is a distinct marketplace…

…and the approach you need to sell to one customer may only ever be used successfully on that customer. Each customer – or each marketplace – requires their own approach to engagement, their own marketing and sales materials, and a different and bespoke approach to finding out who’s in the decision-making chain.

With Social Tree’s account-based marketing overseen by one of our highly-experienced sales strategists, you can:

  • find deals earlier and use this additional time to ramp up engagement
  • co-ordinate your marketing activity with individual potential clients
  • make complex sales marketing more effective and better value
  • identify the decision-makers and influencers within an organisation you need to be communicating with
  • share thought-leading and compelling content with those whom we’ve identified as being the people worth talking to – actual decision-makers and actual influencers

Gain a competitive advantage

We help you identify target accounts using metrics including company growth, size of premises, location, turnover, and more to build a prospect database. We successfully reach them personally for you via personal and paid-for campaigns on the major business-promoting platforms including LinkedIn and YouTube.

Our marketing team then assists you in building a highly-targeted, on-message campaign which not only engages with and informs decision makers and influencers personally but which also edifies your company, its skillset, its experience, and its staff. This gives you a head start over your competitors – even the ones who are supplying your target customers already. Did you know that, for example, IT decision-makers feel that marketing they receive from their existing suppliers is “poor” but nearly four out of five IT decision-makers believe that “marketing from new suppliers is badly targeted and makes it easy to justify staying with their current supplier”.

The likelihood is that your competitors are fishing the same lake as you are however the quality of their marketing materials is poor and the marketing carried out is not even reaching the right person.

With Social Tree Global, get the message right and get it delivered to the correct person.

Our service gets the message rights and gets it delivered to the correct person

Successfully completing a sale to multiple decision makers, influencers, and stakeholders within a business and organisation is exceptionally difficult. And, as we’ve seen, plenty of companies in the same sector as you chasing the same accounts are making fundamental mistakes in their approach.

How do we get your company through the door?

It involves successfully identifying and connecting with multiple decision makers, influencers, and stakeholders so that your name and your product and service range is known to the right people. It’s about gaining trust by demonstrating expertise and experience meaning that the perceived risks in switching suppliers to you are greatly reduced.

It’s about showing them that, by working with you, they’re not making the wrong buying decision, especially if they have never bought what you sell before or if what you sell is critical to their future success and ways of working.

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Social Tree Global is a key partner to some of the world’s largest brands and the UK’s quickest growing companies in getting the message right and getting it delivered to the people who make decisions and exert influence over purchasing within their business or organisation.

Please use the link below to get in touch with us to find out more about our account-based marketing service.



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