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What We Do

When it comes to social media, the best content must be amplified. We specialise in using the latest technology to help you and your brand dominate the conversation. Our amplification services focus on the central pillars of paid and earned with distant differences to accommodate B2B clients.

Paid And Organic Amplification

Social Media is an incredibly powerful tool for B2B marketing professionals but failing to understand how to amplify your content will result in your brand not being seen. At social tree global we deploy paid support through our team of platform experts as well as generate organic support from automation and one to one engagements.

Our amplification services involve work with our in-house data science team who can use data to pinpoint your clients on social media, build highly bespoke lists for ABM campaigns and then target them with personalised messages at scale across multiple different verticals.  We also deploy paid social media with the additional support of our advertising software suite which drastically improves and refines paid social media spend.

Automation & Bespoke List Builds For ABM Campaigns

When you are creating and ABM campaign it is crucial to understand the data you are aiming to target. At social tree global we can give you the best data and insights into your prospects on social media. not only that we can target them using our automation and amplification technologies. This means that you can save your sales and marketing team time at scale across your business.

We can also amplify your content using employee advocacy, paid and other organic forms to create a truly powerful wall of nose for your brand on social media.

How We Amplify Your Content:

We use LinkedIn to create highly targeted lists and data sets which enable us to target individuals and companies with precision and accuracy. Our suite of automation tools will allow your people to connect with your prospects at scale. We also use LinkedIn to create community groups which allow you to have meaningful conversations with your buyers.

We use Twitter to start sparks of conversation and amplify your leaders to key members of the public as well as other businesses. Twitter is a fantastic tool for live events and community building and our technology allows our clients to leads the conversation through strategetic hashtags, paid support and  organic outreach

Along with that, we will follow industry leaders and influencers to connect and share information. We will convince them to post about your business and retweet your tweets to get more followers for your business handle.

When it comes to referral traffic, Facebook is a name you cannot ignore. However, most of the companies prefer to go for paid Facebook campaigns, there is a huge scope to use organic Facebook strategy to get more leads.

One such way is to encourage your followers to discuss and interact with your posts. If there is something interesting, they will surely participate and also, share your posts on their timelines and relevant groups, improving your reach for the targeted post. Come up with quality content that has some information and insight about the industry to lure more followers to post their comments and share your content.

Also, we will create and optimize your Facebook business page to get more leads. People who like and follow your page are certainly ones who are interested in your offerings. With detailed information about your business such as email ID, contact number, website URL and other crucial details, you can ask them to call for action. Come up with regular, unique content for the Facebook page to keep their interests alive. We don’t just post sales-oriented content, we come up with useful posts that help users to stay updated with the latest news and information.

Also, we will create a Facebook group that helps to engage with users more frequently. It is noticed that group posts are displayed on timelines more than page posts. We will choose topics that will bring more discussions and participation in the group.

If you want to be considered as a thought leader in the industry, you have to prove that you have information and a unique viewpoint to prove your authority. We will develop original, unique content and publish on different authority websites as a guest blogger. There are various premium websites that allow bloggers to submit guest posts. These websites are followed by your target audience and with regular post submissions, you can earn their loyalty.

We have a team of content writers who will generate engaging, readable and original content for such guest posts to generate more leads. When it comes to lead generation in UK for your business, The Social Tree is the name to remember. Contact us and let’s get started.

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