Employee advocacy

“Employee advocacy” – what is it? It’s a way to win new business and attract new talent to your business or organisation by the widespread distribution of centralised and user-originated messages on social media.

Basically, you write great things that your staff can distribute and, over time, certain stars among your staff will emerge whom you begin to trust to originate their own content on your company’s behalf.

It’s in its infancy now but if you really ask most marketing, sales, and HR leaders, they all agree in near unison that employee advocacy is going to be very big and very big very soon.

How Zurich have nailed employee advocacy for marketing and recruitment

Keith Lewis, Head of Social Media at Zurich UK, in an exclusive interview with Social Tree Global in 2018, explained his strategy for one of the country’s most respected and traditional businesses.

“Zurich’s management and I feel that the effect of the growth of social media on society and on how business is done will be even more profound that the introduction of the landline telephone,” he explained.

Twitter and LinkedIn are used by the company and its individual team members as a way to build a referral network and to keep in touch with existing customers. “For our own sales teams, connecting with clients on LinkedIn keeps Zurich as a brand in front of them more regularly, all the time increasing their familiarity with and recognition of the company and the individual rep they had built a relationship up with. All this in a world which has far less time for traditional face-to-face meeting than it used to”

For recruitment, “we have 4,500 employees in the UK and the numbers engaging on social media are growing, both internally and externally. They’re sharing job spots that are available or a piece of content that we know will be of interest to certain sections of the people we’re connected to online.

“That builds the brand not only of the company but our individual staff member as a voice to be trusted.”

Employee advocacy and your business

Your employees show their support on social networks for your company, its brand, and the products and services your selling. How many brand ambassadors work in your business at the moment? Using that innate knowledge of your staff members and their talents, who would you decide would be best at representing your business and its values?

Then, give them the tools they need and watch them fly. Social Tree Global is a key partner to some of the world’s largest brands and the UK’s quickest growing companies in training staff to be social ambassadors using engaging, fun, and simple-to-implement internal gamification techniques which produce usable metrics to measure for real employee advocacy success.

A few facts from our friends at LinkedIn about employee advocacy:

  • the combined social media reach of your staff is ten times the social media reach of your brand. When an employee shares your corporate message on their personal account, the clickthrough rate doubles,
  • salespeople who regularly share quality content are 45% more to beat their monthly target, and

companies with an employee advocacy program are 58% more likely to hire the best talent and 20% more likely to keep them.

Training and advocacy program set-up with Social Tree Global

The Social Tree Global team will help you set up your employee advocacy program by working with you to define what your objectives and goals are together with the creation of the channels needed to support it. Employee advocacy programs are even more effective when they have buy-in from senior management and board level staff – let us identify the most suitable participants and, together with other staff you’ve selected from involvement, we’ll train everyone up in what they need to do to make a success of the program.

The impressive returns from well-run social media strategies have been proven countless times. The returns from well-run social media strategies with employee advocacy baked into your approach are much higher. No wonder so many companies are bringing in their own employee advocacy programs in 2019.

Please use the link below to get in touch with us to find out more about our employee advocacy program service and how you can apply it to your company.

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