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When was the last business event you went to? Video on the internet is great as it can really help you understand a problem you’re trying to overcome or if you have a commercial opportunity you’re trying to exploit. Video-conferencing and teleconferencing are very useful business tools allowing you and your colleagues the chance to explain your company and what it does to potential clients.

Goodbye, Mr Robot

But there’s something missing…and it’s the human touch. People buy people first and it’s much easier and quicker to gain rapport and understanding with existing and future customers by meeting them back to face. There’s something better and something special about a handshake from someone standing opposite you that you just can’t get from being sat in your office with a 3D virtual reality headset on.

Marketeers love face-to-face events

…so much so that the average marketing director ploughs nearly a quarter of their annual budget into live events, according to Bizzaboo. Businesses making the most out of face-to-face events achieve an average of a 3-1 to 5-1 return from events, with nearly a third achieving a 10 times return, report Event Track.

The positive experience created by your company and its people are valued by the people you’re trying to sell to – and the numbers really back that up.

  • 93% of execs say that meetings help them close deals (source: Meetings Mean Business)
  • 40% of prospects became new customers after the first contact was a face-to-face meeting (source: PE Incentives)
  • Livestream your event and 30% of those watching online attend the next year! (source: Eventbrite)

Now that you know all of this information, how can you and your company benefit from it?

How to launch your own face-to-face event with a strong digital focus

Social Tree Global is the name behind some of the UK’s most innovative and well received face-to-face business events.

We’re very much a digital business with a strong presence in the real world. We manage some of the world’s largest brands on social media, working with their teams to take a prospect from online connection to real world sales conversion.

This unique profitable and predictable formula we spent years developing that our clients have come to rely on is just as effective with real-world business events. But how do we turn an idea for an event related to your business into reality? And just what do you get with our service? And where’s the return on your investment?

  • Working with you, we’ll devise the scope of the show, defining in exacting details what the show will bring to both your business and to the visitors.
  • People still want to network – tell us whose attendance you want and we’ll get in touch with them really selling the benefits and the opportunities your event presents them with.
  • Using our proven, turn-key social media strategy, we’ll extensively and heavily promote your event to key decision-makers via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

We create events which get target audiences buzzed up, talking, engaged, and which offer a very high conversion to business ratio.

Download our free events brochure

Social Tree Global is a key partner to some of the world’s largest brands and the UK’s quickest growing companies in making marketing work via events by skilfully providing a bridge between the online world and the real world.

Please use the link below to get in touch with us for an information-filled brochure showcasing who we are and what we do for clients like you.

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