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How To Improve Your Social Selling Index (Feb 21)

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI) is one of the most important barometers of measuring your social selling programme. Without this, it is near impossible to determine whether the actions you are taking on the platform are having any effect on the strategy you are trying to execute.


Pre-COVID-19, social media employee advocacy was starting to gain traction among senior figures in a variety of different sectors to help improve organic traffic. Now, with most office-based companies working from home, it’s important for businesses to encourage as many employees as possible to post industry knowledge, updates and company culture. Of course, making sure employees obey compliance is important and great applications, such as Hearsay, can help you do this. By following these simple steps, social selling indexes can double, and possibly triple, and organic traffic will follow.


It is important to note here that although it is free to view your social selling index, to truly maximise your score a subscription to LinkedIn’s sales navigator is recommended.

The Social Selling Index is made up of four components each scored out of 25:

  • Establishing your professional brand
  • Finding the right people
  • Engaging with insights
  • Building Relationships


Establishing a professional brand essentially means you have a profile which focuses on your customer prospects. When you have a strong profile, you will start to see a huge upswing in your SSI; these include a strong profile picture, bio and set of endorsements.


It is important to keep these regularly updated to show LinkedIn that you are serious about establishing authority on the platform and, by doing so, you will be rewarded with an increase in score.


Finding the right people requires you to use the LinkedIn search functionality to hone in on decision-makers. Again, it is crucial to note that this is most easily done by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator functionality, which offers a large variety of filter functionality.

By doing this we have found:

  • Sales reps who exceeded quota engaged on LinkedIn, with their prospects up to 40% more than other sales professionals
  • 81% of buyers are more likely to engage with someone with a strong professional brand
  • 92% of B2B buyers engage with sales professionals if they are known as industry thought leaders


Engaging with insights with the right content can most easily be done through the following relevant hashtags to your industry. Taking some time in your week to engage with these hashtags is the easiest way to become a thought leader on that topic.

Finding and engaging with content that is trending using the Linkedin toolbar also helps to become someone that does that little bit extra to help you become someone of influence.

By doing this we have found:

  • Nearly 64% of B2B buyers report they appreciate hearing from a salesperson who provides knowledge or insights about their business.
  • You are 70% more likely to get an appointment or an unexpected sale if you a member in LinkedIn groups
  • Reps that exceed quota get 74% more engagement on their post that those that don’t exceed Linkedin quotes


Building Relationships is the easiest of the four components but, nonetheless, just as important. This essentially means connecting with other people. Larger networks give you greater leverage when finding new prospects. By connecting with members of a similar industry or more senior figures, this will not only increase your knowledge but view your profile as one that has respectability in your field.

When viewing your social selling index, you can see how you compare with your industry and people in your network.

You can find your social selling index here:

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