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How To Use LinkedIn For Business – The Basics

Ok, so you’re off the mark, everything is in place to start your business and you want to get as much organic reach as possible. You think you should probably create a LinkedIn company page. How do you do that we hear you say? Well, we are glad you asked.

You would be surprised at the number of companies that have incomplete pages and do not even do the basics. Businesses spend thousands of pounds on marketing techniques and platforms yet fail to understand the importance of just getting their company pages up to scratch.

While websites might help you understand your sales funnel and help your company get found in the digital space. A well utilized LinkedIn company page will help you:

– Build your brand and reputation.
– Share your content.
– Reach new audiences.
– Encourage interaction with your brand.

Your social channels are just as important as your website. There are now over 766 million users on LinkedIn, so it is about time you created a LinkedIn company page that looked good and performed well. Let’s get down to basics…


Stage 1: Create your LinkedIn company page (yes, we did just say that).


Stage 2: Click the appropriate page.

Small, medium, large businesses and educational institution pages are self-explanatory. Showcase pages are extensions of your LinkedIn page designed to spotlight individual brands, business units or initiatives. At this stage you do not need worry about them, however when you become a LinkedIn company page expert you may want to revisit this.


Stage 3: Fill in your company details

Again, self-explanatory, your company name, website URL etc. We think you can take it from here.


Stage 4: Add Your Company Logo

It’s important your company logo is right, however make sure the picture is not blurred. The best logos are the ones which have very limited text, because when your company is in a follower’s news feed, they already know it’s you as the name of your company will appear alongside and the logo in plain text. It can also be difficult to read text within the logo section of the newsfeed, so keep it basic.


An example of this, is the Social Tree Global logo, you can see our website logo has been optimized for social media use. Bright, colourful and (in our opinion), beautiful!


Stage 5: Complete Your Page

I think we can agree the first four stages are straight forward. The same goes for the following, however, the below are ones which companies fail to optimize, or even include.


Cover photo: Your cover photo is very easy to get wrong. The most common mistake is to have a photo that collides with your company logo, therefore making part of the photo appear cut out. We would therefore recommend not to have any shots that are too busy or cluttered. Dimensions should be 1584 (width)x 396 (height).


Company Description: This is your chance to flourish, tell your followers about your brand, mission and vision for your company, what do you do and what does your company use LinkedIn for. Google preview up to 156 characters, so think clever for the perfect SEO rankings


Hashtags: You can follow up to three hashtags on your company profile giving you the chance to comment on topics that are trending within these. LinkedIn will send you a notification when they think you should be commenting on a particular post.

Location: Let people know where you are based, it could have a big impact on a purchase.


Stage 6: Share Your Page

It’s extremely easy to get organic traffic to your company page with a few button clicks. Let your company know you have a company page and get them to like it and engage with it. LinkedIn also hands out invite credits each month to invite any of your personal connections. These are quick, simple and easy tasks to do, to get your content off the ground.


Stage 7: Content Content Content.

Get a posting schedule together and get writing.  Without content, there will be no reason for cold leads to follow you.Polls and any type of visual content always perform best. We have an upcoming post dedicated to marketing on LinkedIn, but for now, get posting.


So there you have it, your basic steps to completing your company page. If you want to visit the perfect LinkedIn page, why not take a look at ours here.

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