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How useful is the name pronunciation Linkedin tool and how will it help you?

Being part of a team that networks via Linkedin daily, I come across hundreds of names from people around the world. Whilst typing messages avoid the uneasy, anxious feeling of mispronouncing a name, the key to social selling is to build a relationship with a prospect that will eventually lead to a voice call.


LinkedIn’s new name pronunciation tool is a brilliant way to avoid ignorance, and show some respect when speaking to a prospect found on Linkedin for the first time. The new tool, if you are unfamiliar with it, allows individuals to attach a recording to the top of their profile next to their name. It gives everyone a chance to showcase how they’d like to be addressed before a mistake can be made. This is great for people who commonly find themselves in situations where their names are mispronounced. As well as this though, it could also be used in a very different and creative way. We will take both avenues in turn:


Mispronouncing names

Prior to this tool being released, I often found myself googling how to properly pronounce a name before I spoke to a prospect. I wanted to show respect and allow my prospects to know that I am concerned with ensuring I show that respect. Just because my name is considered simple to pronounce by most, does not mean that those with more complicated pronunciations should not be afforded the same right.


Social Tree Global is a diverse agency and as such, we work with people with names from multiple different countries, sources, origins and languages. With the ability to complete a simple search on Linkedin, we are able to avoid mispronunciations and show consideration for the prospect’s identity. Show your client that you care. Pronounce their name correctly.


Similarly, the tool also allows individuals to note how they’d like to be addressed with respect to formalities. Whilst one prospect may prefer to be addressed in full, another may take a more informal approach and prefer a nickname. The tool again gives individuals the chance to build their digital identity and allows others in on who they are and who they like to be known as.


Essentially, LinkedIn is doing its part in ensuring that business is conducted in a respectful manner, whilst offering an avenue to be as inclusive as possible, and give people the ability to showcase their identities.

For this, we applaud you, LinkedIn.



In addition, the new tool allows brands to be creative with their employee’s profiles. While it may be that the tool was created for the previously stated reason, there are no rules to state that this is what it must be used for.


The app allows you to record for 10 seconds – so much can be said in 10 seconds. While the guidelines state that the tool is there to record your name, you could in theory record something else, such as a brand quote, a little about yourself or something that will capture your particular audience’s attention.


For example, at Social Tree Global, our tagline is “Humanising corporate social media”. If each of the employee’s at STG recorded this as their tag line, it would be great for brand awareness, mainly because our curious minds would just have to click on the audio button to hear the message.


Overall, the new recording feature has many pros, and as far as I can see, very few (if any) cons.


It’s innovative, inclusive and insightful.


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