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What Is it?

SMIF Brand of the year is the first annual competition to award the best and most engaged brands on LinkedIn in Finanical Services.

How Do We Measure?

We have taken the 500 largest financial service companies (according to stock price) and analysed their LinkedIn content posts, company page followers and defined their Net Engagement on LinkedIn Score (NEL) for 2021.


Brands will be
presented at SMIF21

What Are The Awards?

The total list of brands will be presented in our first edition of the ‘Finance Best In Class Guide for LinkedIn’ which will be released 22nd of June 2021.


Winners will be announced in advance of the ceremony.


The awards will be granted as the top three financial services brands on LinkedIn according to:

  • Largest LinkedIn Community (company page following)
  • Best Engaged Community (the highest average page likes)
  • Best Performing Finance Brand (average likes/company page following).

Why Is This Award So Prestigious?

The awards are granted by the leading agency for financial services on LinkedIn and SMIF Event Founders, Social Tree Global. They have assessed each finance brand’s content and follower performance over the last 12 months.

Unlike other awards, the SMIF21 awards are selected using pure data and performance. The brands that win the award do so because they have the best content and the most engaged following over the last 12 months.

How Do I Find Out Who Won?

You can find out who won the awards by attending SMIF21 live on the 23rd of June 2021.