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James Saward Anderson

James Saward-Anderson

Co- Founder of Social Tree Global

James Saward-Anderson is the Co-founder of Social Tree Global alongside Maxwell Hannah, a project that started in his bedroom back in 2016 and it has grown to become one of the largest dedicated B2B social media agencies. James has also helped educate over 10,000 marketing and communications experts all over the world about the latest social media intelligence insights in the finance and healthcare industries.


In 2020, he made it his focus to develop an online learning platform so the Social Tree Global in-person events would adopt a new digital format and thus be available to a lot more people. He’s also leading an initiative for 2021 where he aims to educate 100,000 students from Britain’s biggest universities about the usefulness and power of LinkedIn.


At Social Tree Global, they believe in the power of social media to change the way people feel about health and wealth. The values that define this company are resiliency and adventure, and they guide every step they make as a company. They bring something different to the table because they truly understand the community they work in thanks to the experience they’ve had running the largest industry-specific social media events in the world.