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Lionel Guerraz

Lionel Guerraz

Digital CRM Global Wealth Management Client Coverage, Executive Director at UBS Asset Management

Lionel Guerraz leads a Growth Team at UBS Asset Management. In this role, he helps Relationship Managers, Client Advisors and Investment Advisors guide their clients to invest in the financial markets with investment funds, by designing and orchestrating digital investment content strategies and marketing campaigns.


From 2012 to 2016, he was Sales Manager of the Ultra High Net Worth segment at UBS Wealth Management and was responsible for setting sales priorities, coordinating sales initiatives and distribution of investment content to Front Office teams to meet annual revenues and net new money objectives.
Prior to this, Lionel held different roles at UBS Investment Bank, as a Product Specialist, promoting the Securities Lending business and Lead Business Analyst in the Credit and Market Risk team.


Before joining UBS, Lionel worked at Deloitte in London as a risk management consultant involved in the global energy markets.
Lionel holds a Master of Science from the Institut National des Télécommunications and a Master of General Management from the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises.