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LinkedIn is NOT Facebook!

The most common mistake we see people do on LinkedIn is treat it like Facebook. The media sharing options may be similar but the two platforms are binary opposites. So think of Facebook as the informal and LinkedIn as the formal when you come to post your content.

There are generally two approaches to using the platform:

  1. To connect with people you know, e.g. through work or university
  2. To grow a network

Here at Social Tree Global, our purpose is to help companies reach the largest possible audience and bring in new business outside of peoples networks. For this reason, we subscribe to the idea that your network is your net worth and we should all be trying to grow our networks outside of people we already know and have relationships with.

The idea of only connecting with people that you know on LinkedIn is like going to a networking event and only choosing to talk to people you have already met. The purpose of networking is to grow your contact base. You will not grow a business relying on your current network.

Remember: business is all about contacts, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!”

So how can you grow your network with quality connections?

Here are some tips:

  • Connect with people from your previous places of employment (even if you never met them directly)
  • Connect with people who went to the same schools or universities you did
  • Ask to be introduced to new connections through your current network
  • Connect with people who are in the same groups as you
  • Ask for delegate lists at the events you attend and connect with them ahead of time

Can LinkedIn be used to generate leads? Yes!, Is it easy? No!

If you upgrade to sales navigator you will be able to run these advanced searches to help you grow your network with quality connections. Here are the top three strategies:

Strategy number 1 – Target ex-employees of happy customers

Happy customers are your best friend when it comes to winning new business. On LinkedIn Sales Navigator enter in all your happy customers then run a search to find ex-employees of these customers and find out what company they now work at. When you reach out you can say something like

“Hi Sarah, I saw you used to work at Prime Publications. I worked with Jack the same time you were there and we helped deliver an increase in productivity of 200%. I saw you now work for Best Publications and I was wondering if you would like to go for coffee sometime to understand your challenges and see if we can replicate the same success together?”

Strategy number 2 – Target past alumni

People often feel a connection with people who went to the same university as them. Use sales navigator to find lists of ex alumni and connect with them.

Strategy number 3 – Message recent job changes

People are often most open to new ideas when they join a new role. Luckily, Sales Navigator gives us that information. Utilise this when targeting your audience and generate better leads.

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