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Personalised content sequencing

When you’re prospecting for new business clients, you learn quickly how B2B use of social media is fundamentally different to other types of marketing. If you have to learn how to exploit these fundamental differences on your own, the journey can be long, frustrating, and occasionally counter-intuitive.

It almost feels “rude” or “against the spirit” on many social media platforms to be overtly selling your products and services. Dare we say it – it’s like the social media version of SP*M.

The rules governing behaviour on social networks and the pursuit of sales on them are different but, once you learn those rules and begin to exploit them, the benefits are enormous and quantifiable.

B2B social media vs B2B direct marketing

Back in the pre-GDPR days, it was simpler. You’d buy a B2B email marketing list from a reputable supplier and then you’d send out one email a month to every decision-maker on the list. After three or four campaigns which produced little or no return, you’d probably start to see responses and sales spiking in the following months.

You’d add a few more customers, you’d make a lot more sales, and you’d make a nice return on what you spent on your email list. However, because the interaction was essentially one-way, you’d leave no lasting impression on those who did not respond – in other words, the vast vast majority of your desired audience.

But what if that currently disinterested majority is where the true value to your business lay? And what if there was a way to bring out that true value predictably and consistently? That’s exactly what B2B social media offers where B2B direct marketing fails.

Everything is personal nowadays and it’s the personal which wins orders and builds client databases

Where social media wins over weeks and months is that marketing is becoming increasingly focused on personalisation – and, with social media, personalisation means delivering tailored and professional benefits to each individual member of your audience even if there’s no immediate prospect of a sale from most of them.

Social media allows you to really understand and to really know your target audience. The more knowledge you have of the decision makers you want to buy from you, the more you can personalise your messages and your interactions to meet and exceed the expectations of this audience and to provide satisfaction which they’re seeking.

Knowledge of these expectations and of what you need to do to provide real satisfaction allows you to know what prospective clients want to know about you, what you do, and why they should trust you. And this is the inspiration which provides you with ongoing feedback on what to share and with whom.

Using everything you’ve learned from building your network, you cannow take your followers with you by providing engaging content personalised to them.

And this is what the crucial difference between B2B social media and B2B direct marketing is – with B2B social media, you and your brand extract more value over time through the growing trust and familiarity you’ve gained through daily engagement with your company, your employees, and you.

Get better engagement, tell a more powerful story, win more views, convert more followers

Social Tree Global is a key partner to some of the world’s largest brands and the UK’s quickest growing companies in building personalised content sequencing based upon the audience you currently have and the audience you want to reach.

We’ll plan out with you, over the course of 12 weeks, the content most likely to get better engagement, tell a more powerful story, win more views, and convert more followers.

Over the weeks, watch as your content is eagerly consumed by decision-makers who then choose to enthusiastically share it with their connections. Become a recognised voice for and defender of your industry, seen by customers and colleagues as an expert, a problem-solver, an ally, and a supplier of the very highest reputation.

Please use the link below to get in touch with us to find out more about our people-based marketing service.

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