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Programmatic marketing

Whenever you go onto one of your favourite websites, the chances are that they use advertising to pay for their overheads. And,assuming that you don’t use an adblocker, you’ve probably noticed how, sometimes, the adverts you see seem to almost predict what you might be interested in buying for your business.

How does the internet seem to know who I am?

While your favourite website is loading, the following information is gathered within milliseconds:

  • your IP address (this can often identify whether you’re logging in from a corporate network),
  • where you are in the UK or the world,
  • contextual targeting (if a website you’re viewing is about franking machines, for example, the network providing adverts to that website reads the content of the page and displays adverts most closely related to that content), and
  • retargeting – possibly the most important information programmatic marketing uses

But what is retargeting? And why is it so important?

Less than one in 50 people buy from a website or leave their contact details on their first visit. On many of the websites you visit, the website will send the fact that you visited back to, in many cases, Google or Facebook using something called a “pixel”. Then, whenever you visit a site whose adverts are provided by Google, it remembers that you’ve been to a particular website before and then you’ll see an online advert from that particular website.

It can get even cleverer. With remarketing, you can show one advert to someone who has visited your site but never purchased from you and another advert to someonewho has left their contact details on a previous visit. If they have contacted you before, you can make sure that the advert offers a discount or something else to re-establish contact with your sales team.

This super-quick automation has other benefits too

All programmatic marketing is done in real time. It’s very transparent from a statistical point of view and you can control it in ways and with a rapidity that you just can’t do with traditional forms of advertising. You can control the type of customer or visitor looking at your advert and the costs associated with your advert display. You can quickly see what’s working and what’s not – ditch the unprofitable campaigns and then ramp up the campaigns that make you money and build your connections.

Programmatic advertising offers you the chance to make instant changes, adjustments, and optimisations to your campaign because you can track in such detail. Total efficiency, budget-friendly, reaching the business decision-makers you need to reach.

Increasing B2B use of programmatic advertising on social media

With programmatic advertising on social media, your business can connect with decision-makers in other businesses quickly and cost-effectively. Here at Social Tree Global, our B2B programmatic advertising platforms allow:

  • an impressive degree of personalisation
  • very precise targeting
  • for full automation leading to better program control allowing you more time to run your business.

Working with us, we can show you how to close new sales and how to gather prospects’ contact details on the three most powerful B2B platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Be heard by potential customers. Be regularly seen so that your brand becomes familiar to these prospective new clients. Share information, insights, and offers with them via your exclusive online B2B social media channels. Learn how to turn social media channels into profitable marketing and sales platforms with predictable and reliable daily, monthly, and annual returns on your investment.

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Social Tree Global is a key partner to some of the world’s largest brands and the UK’s quickest growing companies in getting the message right and getting it delivered to the people in charge of the companies via the social media platforms which they trust and with which they regularly engage.

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