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At the core of our business is people. Our advocacy solutions enable the people inside your business to express their true professional selves on social media. Our transformation programs will turn your business into a social media first business that embraces a new method of communication for the social media age.

Thought Leadership

You… Anywhere… On-demand
As a leader, your ability to be present to all stakeholders, including your staff, shareholders, members of the public, competitors and customers, has never been more important than now. At STG, we craft the personal brands of the world’s leading finance and healthcare leaders.

Case Study
Thought Leadership In Finance
Learn how we turned CCO of Real Vision into a LinkedIn thought leader
Case Study
Thought leadership in healthcare
Helping to build a new digital ecosystem of engagement for healthcare professionals and patients.

Behavioural Change

Turn your business into a social media first organisation by integrating social media into all areas of your business effectively and seamlessly with our online learning, coaching and technology solutions.