Register for Social Media in Finance 2021

Turn your business into a social media first organisation by integrating social media into all areas of your business effectively and seamlessly with our online learning, coaching and technology solutions.

Behavioral Change Solution

Social Media Transformation

We deploy a three-factor system to social media transformation – people, process and the technology to make your business a true native to social media.

What does success look like?

Increased awareness, pipeline and sales

Through working closely with a sales and marketing team, the Social Tree Global transformation programme will allow individuals to close more business with the help of social media. Our coaching programme will take individuals through our social selling, marketing and management modules, which will be supplemented by lead generation services from our agency.

Better Hires, v & Improved CV Pipeline

We work closely with Human Resources departments to help them use social media to attract the highest quality candidates to their programmes and maintain the best talent internally. We also help HR teams develop authentic content on social and give them the tools to research candidates before hiring them into senior positions.

Higher Share Price, Stakeholder Engagement & Better Brand Sentiment

Our work with corporate communications ensures that they get the best tone of voice from their brand whilst also protecting it on social media. We also help senior leaders to find their voice on social media and promote their personal brand online. Our work helps teams to develop a robust reputational risk and compliance strategy that ensures the integrity of the brand will be maintained. Integration with existing and emerging PR campaigns, such as quarter earnings, is also an important part of the transformation process in corporate communications.

Our process transforms three critical areas of the business…


The right training, coaching and development to ensure that your brand is promoted in the right way online.


Creating the right internal social media policies, strategy and roadmap of success is vital as it can make or break your social media transformation programme.


Underpinning all your success on social media is the effective deployment of technology which ensures that your brand reputation will be protected on social media. In addition, the right technology must be deployed to truly understand the date that matters to you on social media.