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As a leader, your ability to be present to all stakeholders, including your staff, shareholders, members of the public, competitors and customers, has never been more important than now. At STG, we craft the personal brands of the world’s leading finance and healthcare leaders.

What Is Thought Leadership?

Thought leadership is a form of content marketing which focuses on both individual expertise and experiences in sector-specific fields. Thought leadership is the primary mechanism for demand generation on social media and, as a result, is the most potent method of driving new business opportunities on social media.

STG Thought Leadership Framework

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Thought Leadership Solutions

Thought Leadership-Managed Service

Make your social media presence work for you

We can take your professional brand and turn it into an influential digital presence on social media. Our fully outsourced managed service solution allows you to get on with running your business whilst your social media avatar stays on, all the time, on-demand and working for you.

Our managed service solution consists of three phases

Thought Leadership Consulting

At Social Tree Global we use our thought leadership consulting division to help craft powerful personal brands of the world’s most senior executives. Our consulting services can help you to build strategy, thought leadership content plans and amplification.

Case Study
Thought Leadership In Finance
Learn how we turned CCO of Real Vision into a LinkedIn thought leader
Case Study
Thought leadership in healthcare
Helping to build a new digital ecosystem of engagement for healthcare professionals and patients.