Social Media and the Changing Face of Healthcare Communications

Social Media and the Changing Face of Healthcare Communications

Want to ensure you set yourself on a path towards success? Nearly two-thirds of U.S. healthcare marketers use social media to reach healthcare professionals.

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Modern lives are going digital, and healthcare is no exception. Social networks have become an important health resource for the dissemination of health information. About 74% of internet users engage on social media while 80% of those internet users are specifically looking for health information, and nearly half are searching for information about a specific doctor or health professional.

You can take advantage of the dual nature of social media for mass message dissemination and multi-way interactions. Social media is mutually beneficial for healthcare providers and their audiences to connect to each other in ways that promote a “common good”. In fact, only 26% of hospitals and 36% of physician practices in the US are utilizing any form of social media.

The number of users and the voracity with which these users consume information on social media sites continues to grow. There are more than 2.8 billion people on social media. Your customers are your assets if they are relying and trusting on social media for communication, why are not you? About 60% of consumers say they trust doctors’ posts versus 36% who trust posts from Pharmaceutical companies.

Reaching target audience, creating user-friendly content and collecting feedback is now in your reach. You can optimize your ideas utilizing a mixture of traditional public health communication channels merged into social media. It allows you to share information and communicate in new spaces.

The interactive potential defines your social media engagement: lack of interaction is simply broadcasting. Social media is serving as a tool for next-level communication and marketing between different groups.

On average, healthcare marketers spend 23% of their total marketing budget on content marketing activities, compared to 31% for all marketers. Why keep yourself out of the competition?

Just make sure that you are on the right track in the context of customer’s ease, access and interaction.
The value of social media and its impact on the healthcare industry is continuously evolving. It can be utilized to complement traditional communications, increase patient engagement, trust, and credibility, share content in new spaces, reach new audiences, or communicate and share in real-time.

Out of the 5,624 hospitals in the United States, only 1,501 are using a form of social media, which equates to approximately 26%

Regardless of an organizations level of participation, social media is here to stay and has become a trusted source for millions of patients all over the world.

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