Social Media In Oil & Energy 2020 is the premier intelligence event for Oil, Energy and Utility professionals looking to harness the power of social media to establish successful social media foundations, develop compelling narratives and engage key stakeholders on social media

At Social Media In Oil and Energy you will gain access to over 9 social media seminars in one day which will give you unprecedented intelligence for your social strategy in the year ahead.

If you are a Marketing, Communications, Social or simply want to find out how you can deploy social media as a an energy professional then look no further than Social Media In Oil & Energy 2020.

18th March 2020

What’s Will You Learn In 2020?

Taking Control Of The Energy Narrative

How can guerrilla marketing tactics be used in conjunction with social media to create narratives that benefit the energy  and utility brand? What can you do to challenge perceptions whilst remaining on brand and protection of the reputation?

Crisis Management For The Energy Brand On Social Media

Learn what technology social media teams can deploy to protect their brand in the case of emergencies. Understand the process of crisis management and learn how to deal with crisis on each major social platform.

Social Selling Crash Course For Energy Professionals

How can you use LinkedIn and other demand generation tools to engage with senior decision makers on social media. Understand how to deploy a social selling framework within your organization

Getting The Right Foundations For Your Social Media Strategy

Learn how to set the right foundations for social, what tools and technology should you be using to get the most out of your organizational media presence. How can you set relevant HR, Communications and Marketing objectives?

How Social Media Can Help Win The Battle Of Hearts & Minds In Local Communities

How can you balance local social media stories with international communications on social media?

Making Compliance Work With Marketing In The Energy Space

How can social media teams work with legal and compliance professionals to make an effective social media policy

Speaking In 2020

There are many more speakers due to attend but here is our fantastic launch  line up so far:

Maja Bucan

Social Media Manager


Angus Foggie

Digital Products Manager

Oil & Gas Year

Qumail Vanat

Vice President

Global Social Media


Sean Hodges

Head Of Social Data

Social Tree Global

Filippo Capriotti

Head of Communications Data Analysis


Nikki Barr

Digital & Social Media Advisor


James Saward-Anderson


Social Tree Global

Theo Priestley

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