Qumail Vanat

Qumail Vanat

Vice President Global Social Media


With over 13 years of experience in the arena of Social Media, Qumail has worked with some of the largest brands in the qword. These include companies such as BSkyB, Chanel, Rolex, American Express, Mastercard, Mindshare Worldwide, Shell and most recently with Eni.


Qumail comes from a little town just outside of Birmingham, United Kingdom, attended Nottingham University and currently lives in Milan Italy. He speaks multiple languages and is also an award-winning film producer with IMDB credits to his name.


With his wealth of experience, bringing social to the forefront of the digital marketing mix and deploying intricate strategies, Qumail has achieved success wherever he has worked.


He believes innovation can come from anywhere and is a firm believer that the future of social lies in Data led content production, and also the evolution of social will see it become the leading touchpoint in the digital arena.


His current work with Eni is right at the cutting edge of what is possible, working with his colleagues in DataLab at Eni in conjunction with media owners, devising a new method for integrating social into the wider digital marketing mix through intrinsic data manipulation for the furtherment of content production and promotion.

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