28th Oct, 4th & 11th Nov(1pm – 3pm GMT)


Presentation 1

Meeting and Exceeding the Pandemic-Driven Demands on Digital/Social Communications Driven by the Pandemic


Bob Libby

Vice President – Corporate Content & Channels at Bristol-Myers Squibb


Recognizing and balancing the needs of the business with user needs and preferences has never been more important in communicating effectively, as WFH provisions continue and content volumes continue to rise.

The pandemic has placed a premium not only on digital/social communications but also on the integration of all communications efforts, as the importance of message consistency rises with audiences working under layers of uncertainty and distraction never before seen in our lifetimes.

Now, more than ever, you and your organization are what you write … and post and send.

Presentation 2

Adapt and Respond: How Big Pharma Engaged On Social During Crisis And What The Industry Can Learn From This


Violeta Tsvetkova

Digital Consultant, Execution Consulting


What were the new formats on social networks during the COVID ?

How big pharma adapted and adjusted its messages on social networks ?

What we as patients/consumers would have expected from pharma companies during the COVID crisis ?

Seminar Sessions

Building Strong Personal Healthcare Brands on Social Media.


Understand how the modern pharmaceutical brand can position itself on LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook to generate massive positive brand sentiment, protect reputation and increase stakeholder awareness

Learn From Case Study Presentations About Winning Paid Social Media Campaigns


James Saward-Anderson

Co-Founder & CMO at Social Tree Global

Presentation 1

The Patience Centric Social media Platform – Data Insights and learning from Leading Social Media Platforms for Patients


Blake McEvoy

Global Patient Centricity Strategy and engagement Leader, Global Corporate Affairs at AstraZeneca

Presentation 2

From Finance to Pharma – Effective, Compliant and Ethical Communication


Lawrence Wiseman

Head of GFX, Retail Markets and Cross Asset Derivatives, Markets Surveillance


Finance and Pharmaceuticals – Convergent evolution of two industries

Patients and clients first – exploring the fundamental overlaps between pharma and finance

Trust from actions – honesty, clarity and accessibility in communications

Attitudes to communication – collaborative working between functions to build a consistent, accurate and accessible narrative

Stakeholder impact – embedding considerations of our social and legal license to operate

Oversight and governance – building ownership of narrative and responsibility for delivery

Crisis responses – protective, reactive, or investigative

Seminar Sessions

Performance Marketing on Social Media


Consumer experience in financial services, how has the banking sector created modern, consumer experiences in the digital world and what can Pharma learn from it?

Deploying The Right Technology To Enhance The Patient Experience On Social Media

What is the technology stacks which Banking sector uses to create seamless customer experiences online and on social media?

Creating Pharmaceutical centric patient experiences on social media, workshop and ongoing technology build


Max Hannah

Co-Founder & Strategy Director at Social Tree Global

Presentation 1

Using Online Testimonials To Understand Empathy, Trust and Communication in the HCP relationship


What contributes to a positive patient experience and what’s driving negative patient experiences?

A deeper dive into trends we’ve observed across therapy areas, patient types and specialists

Where are the current unmet needs and what are the current challenges from the HCP perspective?

How can HCPs use these learnings to create positive changes to the patient experience in our current health climate?


Reena Sanger

Director of Healthcare Communications -IPSOS Morri Healthcare

Hayley Millard

Digital Research Manager – IPSOS Morri Healthcare

Seminar Sessions

The Vitals: How the Top 10 Largest Pharma Organisations Performed on Social Media in 2020


Sean Hodges

Data Manager at Social Tree Global

Presentation 2

Social Media strategy in pharma – where are we now and how can we improve?


Bharat Tewarie

Founder of Boston BioPharma Consultants

Manu Field

Social Media Strategy Leader at Roche

Hemalee Patel

Physician at One Medical


How important is social media marketing for Pharma i.e what is the current state?

How good is Pharma using Social media strategy to engage with patients and HCPs?

Highlight the compliance gap between HCPS and patients

Highlight geographical difference between USA and Europe

Did the pandemic change anything-what would the future state look like?

Tips to consider in this highly regulated market for social media marketers in Pharma?

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