Chairman 2019

Pierre van Weperen

Pierre has over 30 years experience in pharmaceutical industry. From sales and marketing roles to business unit director roles in primary and secondary care, both in acute and chronic diseases. He worked in the Netherlands and from 2007 in the UK with Servier, Wyeth, MSD and Novo Nordisk. Most recently he was managing director for Ashfield, the largest contract services organisation in the UK.

It is fair to say that during his career he has seen and been part of the development of the internet and websites as communication tools. Social media in pharmaceutical industry has been of keen interest to him for the fantastic potential combined with the potential pitfalls.

Main Track 08:55 – 10:35

November 14, 2019

Opening Keynote

09:00 – 09:30
Organisational social media transformation – BMS Case Study 

Tara Stewert  

Worldwide Head, Multi-Channel Hub

Bristol Myers Squibb 

09:35 – 10:05
How to bring meaningful and measurable value to social in Pharma – before it’s too late
  • How we very often need to go ‘back to basics’ to ensure social media excellence
  • Why excellence in social media will soon be mandatory, not a ‘nice to have’
  • The role of social media in the forthcoming, fully-disrupted Pharma industry

Manu Field

Social Media Strategy Leader


10:10 – 10:40
Leveraging social media technology in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Why Pharma companies fear Social Media
  • Understanding Social Media Legislation in Pharma
  • Current overview of How Pharma Companies are Reaching Physicians & Consumers
  • How to Benefit from Strategic Pharma in Social
  • Case Studies of Pharma Companies Doing Social Well

Matthew Barclay

Area Director | UK & Ireland


Networking Coffee Break 10:40 – 10:55

November 14, 2019

Seminar Room One

10:55 – 11:35
Patient Engagement & Social Media: NHS Midlands Case Study
  • How NHS Midlands use social media to send out messages ,to educate
  • How Social is used to engage to create interest in events , activities and to build our engagement group within the hospital and wider community
  • Sharing good  feedback from others to create a positive perception of the trust and what we do. We engage with patients / public on social media about their experiences, responding very prompt
  • Discussion of food focus group , 15 steps etc
  • Q&A

Micheala Tait

Patient Experience & Engagement Manager



Dawn Allen 


Henry Allen Trust 


Pierre van Weperen


11:40 – 12:10
Social Media and Morality 
  • Human behaviour in social media and why everyone lies
  • Why you should understand ethical reasoning or stop communicating in social media
  • Four principles for activity in social media
  • Morality > compliance – a new perspective on social media communications
  • Pharma, social media, creativity and compliance – you can square the circle

Dr. Nick Broughton

Founding Partner

Ethos Ethics and Compliance Ltd

November 14, 2019

Seminar Room Two

10:55 – 11:35
Social Media For The Corporate Healthcare Brand
  • Getting Strategic with Social Media: Know Your Goals, Audience and Key Messages So You Stand Out in a Noisy World and Drive Change.
  • Protecting & Enhancing brand reputation on social

James Saward-Anderson


Social Tree Global

Kate Dion

Communications Lead

Value Communications 

11:35 – 12:10
Corporate Storytelling With Film
  • Facts are facts but stories are how we learn – Why stories resonate with humans, and how film can be used
  • Considerations in the context of Pharma & healthcare
  • How to use film on social media
  •  Case studies in healthcare

Adam Penny

Partner & CEO

A Beautiful Truth


Elizabeth Smith

Partner & Client Services Director

A Beautiful Truth

Lunch 12:10 – 13:20

November 14, 2019

Seminar Room One

13:20 – 14:00
Social Media & The ABPI Code – 2019/20 Updates

A quick recap of the key Code considerations when planning social media activities

Learning points from some recent UK Code cases – there have been some significant cases recently which will shape policies

Social media and the Code going forward


Jayne Packham


Jayne Packham Consultancy

14:05 – 14:35
Filling The Gap Between Marketing & Compliance
  • Take an inside look at Teva Pharmaceuticals social media ​programme and how they are building a streamlined social media policy
  • Understand how to overcome compliance roadblocks
  • Q&A with Javier ​

Javier Telez

Social Media Manager – Europe

Teva Pharmaceuticals 

Compliance Q&A & Session Mop up
14:35 – 14:55
November 14, 2019

Seminar Room Two

13:20 – 14:00
Responsible Corporate Social Media Use At Congresses: Preparation, Personalisation, Promotion And Perfection
  • Creating a digital engagement strategy
  • Targeting your audience using social media
  • Paid promo and programmatic fundamentals in healthcare marketing
  • Measuring success
  • Breakout sessions

Heather Duncan

Head Of Digital


14:05- 1455
Cause Led Campaigning And The Art Of Social Nudging 
  • Why your ‘why’ story counts: Shaping a receptive commercial environment by crafting a meaningful ‘red thread’ that empowers your audiences to join the conversation
  • Case studies in action: How to ensure your campaign’s purpose is relevant and in-sync across a blend of owned, earned & paid channels
  • Breakout session: Creating an effective engagement strategy using the funnel ‘user journey’ approach
  • Actionable tips: As the social media rules of engagement evolve, what are the pitfalls of paid tactics and how to avoid a Facebook ban

Katy Davidson,

Deputy Managing Partner

Havas Medicom

Susan Walkley, 

Managing Partner

Havas Medicom

Helena Wright


Havas Medicom

Afternoon Coffee Break 14:55 – 15:15

Main Track 15:15 – 16:20

15:15 – 15:45
The Future Of Content Marketing on social media for pharma


  • What is the future of content marketing on Pharmaceuticals?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing content marketers in the pharmaceutical sector, and how do we overcome them?
  • What case studies reflect the template for content marketing that works on social in the pharm sector?

Sen Boyaci – Head of Publishing European Medical Journal

James Saward-Anderson – Co Founder Social Tree Global

Javier Telez Iglesias  – Social Media Manager- Teva Pharmaceuticals

Heather Duncan – Pharmaphorum

15:45 – 16:15

Social Media In Pharmaceuticals Industry Insight

  • Social Media In Pharma 2020 Report Findings
  • Brand Performances on Social: What campaigns worked on social media in 2019 and what can we learn for the year ahead?
  • Content data insights: What does the data say about content on social

Sean Hodges – 

Head of Data Insights

Social Tree Global

Networking Drinks Reception 16:15 – 17:00

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