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What Is Social Media Transformation?

Social Media Transformation is the integration of social media processes and technology into sales, marketing, HR and corporate communications. At Social Tree Global we help organisations harness the power of social media through a innovative form of coaching and agency support.

Social media success is now a vital part of business strategy in 2020. This fact may be known in sales and marketing teams but HR and corporate communications departments are still neglecting social media as a tool to help them achieve specific commercial goals in their respective business units.

This is the problem our social media transformation programme aims to solve

Our social media transformation programme deploys coaching and agency support to rapidly implement effective change in all areas of your organisation. Social Media Transformation is a collaborative effort across many different business units. As a result, true Social Media Transformation is not just a marketing and sales activity. Social media can have a profound positive difference across business units in corporate communications and HR. For this reason, Social Media Transformation should be approached as a multifaceted activity which involves cooperation with many different stakeholders in your organisation.However, whilst the context of each Social Media Transformation would be vastly different for each company and business unit, there are still fundamental principles which apply to all transformation projects.

If you end up planning a social media marketing strategy that does not work well, you will not get any benefits out of it. You need a social media marketing agency in London that has a proven track record and has a sharp eye on details. Social Tree is a name you can rely on when you are looking for the best social media marketing agency.

What Does Success Look Like?

Increased awareness  pipeline and sales

Through working closely with a sales and marketing team, the social tree global transformation programme will allow individuals to close more business with the help of social media. Our coaching programme will take individuals through our social selling, marketing and management modules which will be supplemented lead generation services from our agency

Better Hires, Happier Staff & Improved CV Pipeline

We work closely with Human Resources departments to help them deploy social media to attract the highest quality candidates to their programmes and maintain the best talent internally. We also help HR teams develop authentic content on social and give them the tools to research candidates before hiring them into senior positions.

Higher Share Price, Stakeholder Engagement & Better Brand Sentiment

Our work with corporate communications insures that they are getting the best tone of voice from their brand whilst also protecting it on social media. We also help senior leaders  find their voice on social media and promote their personal brand online. Our work helps teams develop a robust reputational risk and compliance strategy to ensure that the integrity of the brand is maintained. Integration with existing and emerging PR campaigns such as quarter earnings is also an important part of the transformation process in corporate communications.

Why Work

With Us ?

Put simply. We are the biggest dedicated B2B Social Media agency in the world with over 7 years of campaign experience delivering successful social media transformations for our clients. We also own the biggest dedicated social media event series in financial services, pharmaceuticals and energy space which has allowed us to get rare insights into large scale transformations from the biggest companies in the world.

Our clients include one of Europes largest banks – UBS, the worlds leading banking technology provider – Temenos, the global leader in data insights – Meltwater and some of the most exciting finch and capital markets companies in the world. We are proud of our record in delivering campaign success and our record of communications excellence speaks for itself.

The Social Tree Global Transformation programme involves an intensive period of coaching and agency support which is designed to help you build in the skills necessary to achieve your commercial objectives on social media, whilst also giving you the immediate support needed to transform your social media activity in the short term.  Our team of transformation specialists follow a codified template which has been used to great success with our clients in the past.

Elements Of Social Media Transformation

Our Social Media Transformation programme consists of four critical phases. Each phase does overlaps with the previous however the four pillars of social media transformation allow us to breakdown a programme into digestible chunks for our clients.


To understand where you want to go, we first need to understand where you are now. The first stage of any social media transformation begins with building a robust strategy which roadmaps how we are going to make social media a part of your core commercial objectives across the business spectrum. This phase will involve us undertaking an audit of your current social media, in depth social listening of your competitors and key themes to understand the competiive  landscape and finally consultation with our social media experts who can tap into their deep well of campaign expertise to craft a bespoke transformation plan with clear KPI’S and objectives.

Agency Support

The second phase of a social transformation plan would make use of our comprehensive agency arm of our business. Using our creative, amplification services we can rapidly execute on the social media strategy built during the first phase of the programme. This allows us to insure that you see instant results from social media activity.

Coaching & Training

At the same time as our agency wing helps your business dominate on social media, our coaching and development team will work with individuals internally to help you develop a robust knowledge base of social media usage which will help achieve long term dependancy from external agency partners.

Technology Implementation & Integration

We would also deploy our recommend stack of social listening, reputational risk and employee advocacy software to help manage data flows from social media, integrate social media into your wider digital ecosystem (such as CRM integration) and provide easy to read reports which can demonstrate social media progress.

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