09:00 - 10:05

Foundations and Defining social core functions

Defining Key Goals And Objectives For HR Teams On Social Media

What role does social play for HR teams?

What does HR social media success look like? How do you measure It on social media?

LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter overview for HR

Establishing best practice models for HR promotion on social media to reduce risk

10:05 - 10:20

Networking drinks and coffee break

10:20 - 11:35

Culture, Creative and Change

Creative content fundamentals for HR communications: use the power of your people to weave powerful narratives into your social media communications

Social CEO: How to get your leaders speaking on social media and help you communicate change

Bringing It All Together: How To Measure ROI and Optimise Your Creative Campaign

11:35 - 11:55

Networking drinks and coffee break

11:55 - 14:00

Hiring Smart And Retaining Your Best People

Finding and training the best future social talent

Prospect intelligence: How to vet candidates during the hiring process using the power of social media