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Modern Leadership In A Changing World

Working with a brand which is challenging the way that finance communicates with the world required a bold thought leadership campaign.


New Connections





Giving Real Vision founders Damian Horner and Raoul Pal the LinkedIn presence they deserve

Representing Leaders Who Challenge The Status Quo

Real Vision offered us the challenge to represent their co-founder on LinkedIn as they scaled their business and challenged the status quo of finance media.

Super Powering Personal Brand On LinkedIn

Our brief was to help Damian become a LinkedIn thought leader for creatives. Our work with Damian focused on getting him audience share from finance marketing and communications leaders by focusing on targeted audience building, guest speaking sessions in social media events, creative consultancy and demand generation. We helped Real vision democratise finance and empower people to take control of their financial futures.

I have to admit that I was cynical at first – like everyone else, I was fed up of hearing different agencies continually tell me that they could transform my presence on social media and make a direct impact on my business. The reality was that I’d already been burnt a couple of times and was getting frustrated by the empty promises

Then I started working with the team at STG and they really started to deliver. They are fearless, creative, confident and well-connected – everything you need in an agency partner. James and his team have done some great work for us and I am happy to recommend him to anyone.”

Damian Horner

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer – Real Vision

Helping Raoul Pal Build Audience Share On Linkedin

We represented Raoul Pal in a campaign to migrate audience share from his large Twitter following over to LinkedIn. As a heavyweight in the Financial Twitter (FinTweet), we worked with him and the team at Real Vision to make him a LinkedIn influencer over an 8-month period, generating trending content on LinkedIn that was seen over 500,000 times.