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Twitter for B2B

Done correctly, Twitter will:

  • drive strong leads to your sales teams
  • generate strong bankable leads
  • reach B2B decision-makers at every part of the buying cycle
  • build credibility for your company and you (if your name is on the account)
  • give you greater influence over the opinions and actions of your followers.


For a messaging platform restricted to just 280 characters, the reach that Twitter has is surprisingly vast.

Twitter has gained a unique level of trust among business leaders, the media, and those who govern and seek to govern us. Some of the world’s most credible news organisations have a Twitter-first policy where information will be shared first on the platform rather than on the news organisation’s own website.

Hundreds of thousands of managing directors and CEOs use Twitter and B2B marketers are sold on the legitimacy and immediacy of the platform too – 87% use it to share content.

Twitter is used to trigger buying decisions and in the research and evaluation which companies undertake during the purchase consideration phase. 1 in 3 use Twitter when making a purchasing decision and the same ratio use the platform for after-sales support.

Twitter is a sales, marketing, and attention magnet

When you build up a following on Twitter, people want to hear your thoughts. They expect you to share news, opinions, and insights on the platform with them first.

But what do they want to hear? We’ll help you discover with our social listening service with which we monitor Twitter and other social media channels to see what people are saying about your company, what you sell, what your competitors are doing, and other contextually relevant information of importance to you.

Social listening is especially important when you launch (or re-launch) your Twitter feed because of the insights it gives you on how to create and maintain interest and engagement over commercially valuable decision makers. You have insight into what you, your competitors, and your industry as a whole are doing right and wrong as well as an extra layer of deep knowledge on what customers really want from you.

Plan what you want from Twitter

Do you want more engagement, more sales, or new leads? Or a mixture of two or more? Or something we’ve not mentioned so far?

Whatever you want to share, let us produce the valuable, attention-grabbing content you need and let us use our advanced knowledge of the platform to measure success on an ongoing basis and to make any adjustments needed to further improve returns on investment. And don’t worry about an internal lack of time and resources – we take care of everything and we report the results back to you.

We can create targeted content for investors, analysts, industry peers and partners, customers, the media, and your staff. We select the right hashtags to gain the desired attention and, in partnership with you and Twitter, we can plan paid-for campaigns to increase your following with the right type of decision-makers.

Download our free events brochure

Social Tree Global is a key partner to some of the world’s largest brands and the UK’s quickest growing companies in leveraging the immediacy and attention-grabbing nature of Twitter, the platform the world has chosen to share information of importance and relevance.

Please use the link below to get in touch with us for an information-filled brochure showcasing how we make Twitter services work for B2B companies.

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