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When is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

It is no secret that one key way of attracting and maintaining an audience is by using the ever expanding powers of social media. Social media platforms have gone above and beyond simply being for mutual connection, but are now imperative for business connections and building your brand. LinkedIn, a platform for professional social engagement, has around 303 million active monthly users. Now so more than ever, a critical detail of posting on LinkedIn is knowing when to do it.


Understanding audience behaviour and the market that you are creating the posts for is absolutely integral to knowing the best time to create content on LinkedIn, and market research is one way tapping into this. For example, if your main audience are generally in the 9-5 pocket of workers, then you can somewhat safely assume that that won’t be checking in on their social media accounts throughout the duration of the day.


That said, you can make a general conclusion that during lunch, commuting hours and evenings that the audience you are trying to reach will be checking in on the things that that interest them outside of their working day (and yes, this includes checking LinkedIn for some people). Alongside this, it is also worth noting that quality > quantity, and posting between two and four times a week seems to be the sweet spot for highest engagement, with the first two posts attracting the most attention. Being strategic in timing alone is not enough if the content you are producing is not of high enough quality, and can ultimately damage engagement in the long-run. Don’t forget that social media algorithms prioritise good content.


The best time to post on LinkedIn is also hugely dependant on the industry that you are creating content for or wanting to be noticed by. If you are just starting out, or trying to figure out best practice for posting on LinkedIn, it can be extremely helpful to look at competitors and similar companies and see when they deem it fit to post and learn best practice from them. Of course, it is not a one size fits all and you should never take someone else success as verbatim, but here are some broad suggestions on when is the best time to post on LinkedIn:


Media-based compaies:

Much like some people digest the morning newspaper, audiences of media companies (and much of the younger generation) generally tend to check their social feeds first thing in the morning and in the evening/afternoon once the working day is done. It is most likely that for LinkedIn checks, this will occur Monday to Friday and less so on the weekend.


Software companies:

Software companies comparatively are suggested to find most success with their audience engagement posting outside of ‘normal’ working hours.


B2B businesses:

It is widely suggested that analysing website analytics is your safest bet. Generally speaking, the audience for B2B posts are other working professionals from similar demographics so it is best to catch their attention between working hours. For example, early in the morning, lunch hours and during commutes.


B2C business:

Similar to B2B, LinkedIn posts aimed at audiences within this demographic will likely be successful outside of business hours or during lunch breaks.


Higher education and healthcare:

Early afternoon and mid-morning (usually between the hours of 10am to 2pm) seem to work best for the highest level of engagement.


So now you’re equipped with the best averages, the next step is to begin posting. And it is also important to remember that averages are merely a guideline for posting content, and your business or company may find that it doesn’t fit into a set of averages, so experiment while you have the chance! Analyse your personal data whilst you’re posting, and you’ll develop a much more in-depth understanding of how your audience interacts with you. This will give you a valuable toolkit which is ever evolving, as your business develops and grows.


No two businesses are same, so allow yourself some time to get to grips with what works for you, and good luck!


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