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YouTube remarketing

In 2018, Google asked a major international polling company to find out how people reacted to adverts on YouTube in comparison to the adverts they saw on television. The difference was stark with YouTube adverts receiving an impressive level of 83% of viewer attention as opposed to a disappointing level of 45% viewer attention for TV adverts (source: Hootsuite).

YouTube has billions of users and they all use the platform for a variety of different reasons – many to help inform themselves about B2B purchasing decisions. However, given the skills, creativity, and expertise not only to shoot and edit impressive videos but plan an entire marketing strategy behind those videos, not many companies do it.

That’s surprising because of the following two facts:

  1. Making videos is not as difficult, time-consuming, or as expensive as it used to be – you’d be genuinely surprised just how far a budget can stretch
  2. Compared with other types of advertising, the cost per impression for online videos is very small, and
  3. YouTube remarketing is even less expensive and it is, possibly, the most powerful online marketing tool in the world right now


Remarketing on YouTube

There are three main ways in which you can remarket to potential buyers:

  1. With YouTube, you can build up a successful remarketing list from people and from decision-makers who watch your videos or subscribe to your YouTube channel instead of the people and decision-makers who just use your app or visit your site. You can use remarketing to stimulate your video watchers or channel subscribers towards the point of purchase – remember that this is an audience already warmed up for your proposition.
  2. YouTube also allows you to remarket to target audiences based upon the types of videos they consume and enjoy the most – and it doesn’t even have to be your video content they enjoy for them to be included on your retargeting lists. You can choose also from demographics to interests and many other different targeting characteristics to be seen by just the audience you’re interested in.
  3. You can build a remarketing campaign delivering video specifically for those who visit your website and leave without making a purchase or leaving their contact details. They then see your videos during YouTube’s commercial breaks.


Currently the most underused and underappreciated form of online marketing

Social Tree Global is a key partner to some of the world’s largest brands and the UK’s quickest growing companies in the successful deployment of retargeting campaigns on YouTube which create very high levels of engagement from viewers for B2B products and services.

The Social Tree Global team will assist you with:

  • finding the audiences most likely to respond to your videos from YouTube’s extensive retargeting options with a focus on delivering the right viewers for the lowest possible impression cost
  • combining your current AdWords and Analytics accounts with YouTube to further refine targeting including the delivery of video messages to people and decision-makers who have visited your site at different points of the buying cycle
  • originating and creating exclusive video content professionally edited and shot which looks visually stunning and which has been scripted & written by experienced, commercially-focused copywriters (in conjunction with your current marketing team, if you wish)
  • optimising the video for enhanced searchability to make it easier for potential customers not within targeted groups to find and enjoy your video content
  • technical adaptions to your website (in conjunction with your website developer) to allow for retargeting to visitors of your website and social media channels.

By working with Social Tree Global on the creation and intelligent deployment of your videos and video channel, you will be engaging more effectively and in-depth with the B2B decision-makers you need to be speaking with than ever before via the proven yet underexploited medium of targeted online video.

To find out more about our service, click the link below to download our brochure.

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